Sunday, March 30, 2014

ramen, please!

New York has so many restaurants, you never have to repeat, which means I almost never choose to repeat. However, there are a few places that I will absolutely choose to repeat on the regular. One of these places is Ganso

Ganso is a nice little ramen shop in an iffy part of downtown Brooklyn, offering a selection of Japanese fare, with ramen as the star.  Real ramen is not the mess you get for $1 as a college student. Proper ramen has vegetables, soft boiled egg, meat, and broth that has been labored over for hours. The end result is mind blowing. I went with my friend the Floridian. His car had just been officially declared stolen by the NYPD, so we decided to celebrate. 

One of the stupid, but fun things that I like there is that they have these sodas that rather than having caps, have marbles in them that are held sealed by the pressure from the carbonation. You have to use a little peg thing and whack it with your hand to open it. Then you get the nicest, light fruity soda!

We started with wings, which have the same crispiness as the wings that Americans know and love, but the sauce is very different. It is both sweet, salty and spicy, and VERY sticky.  Nothing to do with Buffalo. 

Floridan got the house ramen, with a soy sauce brother, pork belly, soft boiled egg, nori, and veggies. This is probably my favorite ramen at Ganso, and therefore the one I order most, but I opted to go for another this time...

I chose the Spicy Miso ramen, which consists of miso broth, pork belly, soft boiled egg, charred cabbage and other veggies. My ramen, because it was miso had a cloudy broth, but not offensively spicy. I really liked this, but it definitely would not be replacing the Ganso as my favorite. Just a good option for when you want a little bit of a change. 

Because we were celebrating, we got gelato, each choosing a flavor. The Floridian opted to stay with the Asian theme and got black sesame, and I went for one of my favorites, salted caramel. And oh man - I won. The black sesame was good, but next to salted caramel, nope. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

yet another mascara...

That mini set I got is like the gift that keeps giving!!

The next one I tried was Clinique High Impact Mascara, which IRL goes for $16, which is a totally decent price point. I actually think they could sell it for more. This actually is not a new mascara to me. It was the very first mascara that wasn't drug store that I got my grubby little mitts on when I was in 8th grade. My mom and my aunt swear by Clinique. They both have sensitive skin, and Clinique is pretty tame. Nothing funky in it, and is good quality. But back to 8th grade - Mummy being lovely, had bought whatever Clinique necessities that she required and got a small gift one and gave it to me. This was not the birth of the makeup monster (that happened at age 4...seriously, I got into stuff and was highly unpopular for my blue eyeshadow efforts - 80s! - and the mess I created.) and fell in love. But this moment. This was the moment that spawned snobbery. Drugstore. Ick!

The wand is a standard mascara wand, we've seen them all before. There is no special way to hold it, it is not a Christmas tree on steroids, or an hourglass on a stick. It is normal. And thank god for that. I finally did not have to worry about early morning eye stabbings.

no eyeliner - crappy lighting (sorry!)

I actually quite like this mascara. It's buildable, and well pigmented. It separates well and volumizes. It is also ophthalmologist tested and approved for contact wearers, so a big thumbs up in that regard!

 with eyeliner

It's one negative is that after a long day, it does flake, but that really isn't that awful.

But why is this not my holy grail mascara? It is really nice, but for me it just doesn't do quite enough. That being said, this did take me back down memory lane, and I probably will consider buying it again for those days when I don't need to look like I'm wearing a full set of falsies, because honestly, I need to realize I'm not a drag queen. BUT THAT TIME IS NOT NOW!! In maybe five years, this will definitely be my go to holy grail love.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

I'm back!

I'm finally done with my real world obligations and had some time to recouperate. I'm a real person with time to spare! That means time to blog!

Despite my absence, I have still been buying and trying out make up. And this one, I did NOT like.

Last fall, raspberry was named as the color to wear on your face. And I have to say, I was, and still am fully for this shade. I originally wanted to get my hands on the Guerlain offering, but it sold out and I was left to choose from other brands. I opted for Bite Beauty's High Pigment Pencil in Quince. I admit I was apprehensive. This is a brand I knew nothing about. But I HAD to have my raspberry color so I threw down the $24 and went home to try my purchase.

Bite Beauty boasts a lot about the natural ingredients with antioxidant properties that make their lipsticks special. Every lip product contains resveratrol (which I guess is an antioxidant in wine??to soothe, moisturizer and provide some anti-ageing benefits...maybe?? To be honest, I think that the anti-ageing talk is hype, but the moisturizing quality is too notch. This stuff is much better than any treatment or Chapstick out there, but you have to be okay with rockin' a very defined mouth, as all of the colors are very, very pigmented.

god awful smeary mess with feathering

And that's where my praise for this mess ends. I have never worn a lip product that left me so self conscious. Why? Well all that moisture = slippery, and slippery = migration. I am no youngblood, but I'm definitely NOT part of the "mature ladies" category. But this lip pencil junk sure thought I was and it feathers. It feathers like it is it's job. Not a little. A LOT. Like, walked into the bathroom, saw myself, and cursed the fact that I work with predominetly men who either don't notice these things, or are too scared to say "hey you look like a crazy subway station lady." To make it even better, I have what one friend delicately described as "an expressive face." You know what that means in the world of smeary lipstick? A bright pink line halfway between my chin and bottom lip. Sexy.

I had lost my receipt, packaging, and my bag had pretty much destroyed the tube (it used to be rubberized matte and now it isn't and went through a lovely booger phase to get to what it is now.). So, returning was not an option. Thankfully, I had some Back to Mac stuff, and in that little excursion, I bought a lip primer, which, with a liner mostly keeps this stuff in place, but only enough to keep me fr throwing a fit and throwing it away. 

Thankfully, it's almost gone, and I WILL NOT be repurchasing. I'll try to get the Guerlain one like I originally wanted. But the color is nice. And I wore it a lot to combat chapped lips from my overly intense radiator (seriously, it's like living in Dante's Inferno, but Brooklyn.). 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

I'm sorry.

I've been a horrid a blogger. I have not forgotten about my blog. I still love my blog. It's an excuse, but I have been studying, and that takes time, and to be completely honest the last thing I want to do is look at a computer. But I will return. Sporadically, hopefully, then after the end of February I will be back to telling you all about my makeup, and eating food, and all that stuff. Don't worry, I have been testing stuff, and have many opinions.

Read some Polandball to keep yourself happy.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

I really wanted to like you.

Remember that set of mascaras I bought? Still getting through those things. I could have just tried them all in a row, but I didn't for two reasons: 1) You have to learn to use a mascara, and it changes once you get better at handling each wand; and 2) I knew full well I wasn't going to get through each one in less than three months, and that's the life of a mascara, and it would be really sad if they all went off solely because I'm impatient.

The second mascara up for review is Make Up Forever Smokey Extravagant. I like a lot of MUFE's offerings, but I admit I haven't really delved into the brand. I really wanted to like this mascara, but I just don't. I think my biggest disappointment it that it could have been SO good, but it just isn't.

The formula isn't actually bad. It's very black, thick and coats well and doesn't flake. But that effing brush is worthless. Its stupid Christmas tree shape makes it hard to maneuver, and hard to separate. You end up with potentially a lot of volume, but because you can't get in there because the base of the wand is HUGE, both poofy and long, so you can't really achieve much - at least not across all your lashes. I could not get to the inner and outer edges to save my life, because the giant booty on the brush ended up hitting the middle of my lashes, I ended up putting far too much mascara on the center of my eyes, causing a clump fest.

No liner - middle lashes clumped. 

This stuff does stay put, which is really nice, however, I started to find that irritating as well. Shit does not. come. off. At all. I used remover, face wash, face wipes, everything. I was never truly mascara free unless I was in the shower and had the time to rub my eyes off for an extended period of time.

Liner and makeup.

So, would I repurchase? No. Although, if they ever changed the stupid wand on this mascara, I'd try it out again.

Monday, December 23, 2013

please. no more food.

On Food Blogger's final day, we had one last large meal. We hit up my local burger joint, Dutch Boy Burger. Set up like a non-assuming shake place, Dutch Boy offers one hell of a burger (and connects to a beer garden out back).

I haven't repeated yet, and this time I got the Dutch Boy Burger. I love me some grilled onions and I really love me some mushrooms, and this did not disappoint. It was a thick, juicy burger loaded up with delicious toppings.

My only complaint is that they're so busy that they sometimes don't get your order exactly right - our parmesan garlic fries were normal ones, and my burger was a bit more well than I wanted. BUT the food is that good it really doesn't matter.

After our meal, we waddled into a new cheese shop - but don't worry - didn't buy anything.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

keep on eating...really. eat more.

Our second meal of Saturday was epic in its own right. After perusing her restaurant choices online, Food Blogger settled on Catfish. Rather than the menu promising you one thing and delivering another, much like the eponymous TV show, Catfish offers authentic Cajun fare. Given it was her last night, we went all out, with many a course. The tables at Catfish are half personal and half communal. Don't have a reservation? Looks like you're making new friends. Which we did...

We started with oysters - six, or so we thought. Really, we ended up with seven, because one oyster was the mother of all oysters. This thing was the size of my hand. Seriously. Food Blogger was deemed by me the rightful owner of said gargantuan oyster, as the guest, and had to eat it. After falling apart multiple times with lots of comments (It's so big. How am I going to fit this into my mouth??) that were maturely followed with "That's what she said," our table partner departed, thanking us for the most entertaining round of oysters in recent memory.

We followed up the oysters with Crawfish Mac and Cheese. Which, hello...yum! Cheesy, melty, rich, and topped with Zapp's potato chips. We had identical orders of Jambalaya, complete with chicken, shrimp, andouille, and a healthy dose of seasoning. It was fantastic the first day, and even better the second day. Gotta love leftovers!

Catfish is probably one of my new favorite restaurants, although I admit I haven't been back yet. Food Blogger and I ate so much the thought of restaurants is horrifying. My stomach cringes at the thought.