Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bonjour! Hello! Hola! Yo.

I told you I'd tell you something about me, and I full well intend to make good on that promise.

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and due to that fact, constantly suppress the urge to say "hella." I moved to New York City for undergrad, bounced around Wisconsin and Minnesota, graduated law school in the interim, and have since found myself back in New York.  The ability to stay in one place and put down roots has always alluded me, but here's hoping that the multitude of things to do and people to meet keeps me here for the longterm.


  • Penguins 
    • Fun fact: I am 1'3" taller than Emperor Penguins.  If I ever move to Antarctica, my goal is to be Queen of the Penguins.  Aim high.
  • Korean food
  • Reading 
  • Sleeping in on rainy days
  • Jon Snow
  • Clamming -aka- clam hunting


  • Humidity
  • Bananas 
    • For some reason, the texture of bananas is what I imagine a cooked slug to be.
  • Cake
  • Running - it. is. the. worst.
  • Circles
  • 112th and 113th United States Congresses.  (Get it together guys.)


  • Inflight turbulence 
  • Spiders
  • Birds in flight (too erratic, too flappy)
  • Tarantula Hawks.  Google it. What the eff, nature?? NOT COOL. 

Me, post work, a person. Sort of. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

I guess I'm blogging these days...

You should start a blog.

I suppose.  

Why not? 

Don't know. Seems hard.


Okay, fine. But it won't have a real theme. Maybe makeup. And cooking. And eating. Pretty much what I feel like. Leave me alone. I'll start a blog.

Six months later, I'm finally starting my blog.  After a lot of debate about what to include (and what to name the damn thing), I realized it's going to be a bit like me in real life;  A bit scattered, aiming for perfect grammar, a little surly, sometimes uses bad words, and opinionated.   

I'm going to publish this.  Next time I'll tell you about me. Maybe. Probably.