Sunday, December 29, 2013

I really wanted to like you.

Remember that set of mascaras I bought? Still getting through those things. I could have just tried them all in a row, but I didn't for two reasons: 1) You have to learn to use a mascara, and it changes once you get better at handling each wand; and 2) I knew full well I wasn't going to get through each one in less than three months, and that's the life of a mascara, and it would be really sad if they all went off solely because I'm impatient.

The second mascara up for review is Make Up Forever Smokey Extravagant. I like a lot of MUFE's offerings, but I admit I haven't really delved into the brand. I really wanted to like this mascara, but I just don't. I think my biggest disappointment it that it could have been SO good, but it just isn't.

The formula isn't actually bad. It's very black, thick and coats well and doesn't flake. But that effing brush is worthless. Its stupid Christmas tree shape makes it hard to maneuver, and hard to separate. You end up with potentially a lot of volume, but because you can't get in there because the base of the wand is HUGE, both poofy and long, so you can't really achieve much - at least not across all your lashes. I could not get to the inner and outer edges to save my life, because the giant booty on the brush ended up hitting the middle of my lashes, I ended up putting far too much mascara on the center of my eyes, causing a clump fest.

No liner - middle lashes clumped. 

This stuff does stay put, which is really nice, however, I started to find that irritating as well. Shit does not. come. off. At all. I used remover, face wash, face wipes, everything. I was never truly mascara free unless I was in the shower and had the time to rub my eyes off for an extended period of time.

Liner and makeup.

So, would I repurchase? No. Although, if they ever changed the stupid wand on this mascara, I'd try it out again.

Monday, December 23, 2013

please. no more food.

On Food Blogger's final day, we had one last large meal. We hit up my local burger joint, Dutch Boy Burger. Set up like a non-assuming shake place, Dutch Boy offers one hell of a burger (and connects to a beer garden out back).

I haven't repeated yet, and this time I got the Dutch Boy Burger. I love me some grilled onions and I really love me some mushrooms, and this did not disappoint. It was a thick, juicy burger loaded up with delicious toppings.

My only complaint is that they're so busy that they sometimes don't get your order exactly right - our parmesan garlic fries were normal ones, and my burger was a bit more well than I wanted. BUT the food is that good it really doesn't matter.

After our meal, we waddled into a new cheese shop - but don't worry - didn't buy anything.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

keep on eating...really. eat more.

Our second meal of Saturday was epic in its own right. After perusing her restaurant choices online, Food Blogger settled on Catfish. Rather than the menu promising you one thing and delivering another, much like the eponymous TV show, Catfish offers authentic Cajun fare. Given it was her last night, we went all out, with many a course. The tables at Catfish are half personal and half communal. Don't have a reservation? Looks like you're making new friends. Which we did...

We started with oysters - six, or so we thought. Really, we ended up with seven, because one oyster was the mother of all oysters. This thing was the size of my hand. Seriously. Food Blogger was deemed by me the rightful owner of said gargantuan oyster, as the guest, and had to eat it. After falling apart multiple times with lots of comments (It's so big. How am I going to fit this into my mouth??) that were maturely followed with "That's what she said," our table partner departed, thanking us for the most entertaining round of oysters in recent memory.

We followed up the oysters with Crawfish Mac and Cheese. Which, hello...yum! Cheesy, melty, rich, and topped with Zapp's potato chips. We had identical orders of Jambalaya, complete with chicken, shrimp, andouille, and a healthy dose of seasoning. It was fantastic the first day, and even better the second day. Gotta love leftovers!

Catfish is probably one of my new favorite restaurants, although I admit I haven't been back yet. Food Blogger and I ate so much the thought of restaurants is horrifying. My stomach cringes at the thought.

Monday, December 2, 2013

keep on eating

Day Two with Food Blogger. The eating across the city continued. We started off our day early with a trip to the dreaded Century 21. I cannot stand this place - filled with tourists and crowded to breaking capacity. Thankfully, it was not overly crowded so we were able to browse in relative comfort. I went a little crazy with the socks. Like, super crazy. See Fig. 1.

Fig. 1

Post shopping, we met Food Blogger's Singapore mom. Food Blogger moved a lot growing up, and as a result has a wonderful network of people across the world. Singapore Mom was lovely. I had never met her, but she was filling me in on many a story of Blogger's past. It a brunch filled with good conversation and laughter - the perfect kind. I had a pork belly sandwich at Back Forty West. It was rustic and teeny. The menu was small, but still hard to choose from, but I'm pretty sure I chose the right thing.  The meat was tender and juicy. I was very full, but it was okay. I could cope. We walked it off and readied ourselves for our dinner.

More later. You'll understand why I couldn't move by the end of this visit.