Monday, July 29, 2013

one week hiatus

So, I've got some stuff to take care of.

I leave you with an apropos fortune cookie...and a nice one!

Fortune cookie note - last time I ordered, they were out.  You can only imagine my disappointment.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Blade Running in Target

One of the things I miss most about living in Minnesota is the ubiquity of Target. That place was my love. Best t-shirts and really great designer exclusive designs. Well made, and not what you'd usually expect from Target. And it was all cheap! Moving to New York, there are two Targets - one in Harlem and one in Brooklyn. I have not been to the Harlem one, but I have, on many occasions, been to the Brooklyn one. That place is a mad house. Ripped up, no sizes, nothing. It's as if everyone is prepping for the zombie apocalypse. Hate that place.

Having re-watched Blade Runner, I was feeling a little like doing a take on Rachael's look. Black, structured, slightly 80s. This look is nothing special or hard to do, but there is just something about the architecture of the design. The black skirt. The loose tee. She just looks badass. What makes this is the skirt. It's incredibly structured, but not in an in your face look at me I'm doing fashion kind of way. Nor is it a super trend. It's a look that catches your eye without screaming for attention. It speaks for itself. Or in my mind, gives you the side eye in a bar and makes you remember it, but doesn't make you really feel bad about your current outfit. I think I have problems with animism.

I went digging in my closet, which really shouldn't happen because tiny apartments = no closet space, but somehow, I've made mine into my personal clothing TARDIS and there is no end to what you can find in there. So, I came up with this; my little nod to the dystopia that a New York Target is. (Although, I really could have done with pulling my shirt down.)

T-shirt - Target
Skirt - Kirna Zabete for Target (old, sorry)
Sunglasses - Chanel 5185

Thanks to Zal for taking photos of me!

Monday, July 15, 2013

It's a bird...It's a plane...It's...confusing...

You ever notice that you never look up while you're walking some place? This may just be a New York specific thing, but I never look up. I miss all these things - beautiful buildings, street names, people's faces, the sky. I know this sounds silly, but stick with me here. I live in a city of 8.2 million people. I (and by I, I mean Google) would say about 600,000 dogs live here. That is 600,000 dogs that have to go pee and poo and don't have back yards.  600,000 dogs who piss and shit on the sidewalks. I (and by I, I mean me) would say about 150,000 of those people are jerks who don't pick up after doggie. That's a lot of dog shit, and I don't want to step in it. Add in general dirt, garbage, rats, and roaches, and you have some nasty streets. So, I look down. I don't want to step in anything. Or on anything.

Today, I decided to look up. Why? Scaffolding was down, and it weirded me out because my peripheral vision where I normally turn on my walk home was not there. There is a church there. It has a statue. This dude:

This guy seriously caused me some confusion. Who is he? WHY IS HE BREAKING A SWORD IN HALF? Seeing as he's on a church, I turned to Google. But no. Not this time. Apparently, variations of a search with the phrase "bible man breaking sword story" isn't specific enough. But now I'm intrigued. What exactly is going on here? Can someone help me out? I call to comments. I don't think I have enough readers to really get an answer, but please. This is making me crazy. I must know. Help. Me.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Swimsuits and Weight Gain in Atlantic City

For the Fourth of July, I ventured to Atlantic City with three girl friends. I wasn't sure what to expect. AC has a reputation of being a bit gross and filled with gambling addicted old people who turn off their oxygen tanks to take a smoke break. But thanks(?) to Hurricane Sandy, a huge campaign to renew interest in Atlantic City was implemented. The result is a cleaner AC that is sure to attract more visitors.  We stayed at Revel, one of the newer casinos, but don't think that new means totally great. My only complaint is the vortex of wind that the hotel creates. The pool is tough to deal with. It is WINDY, but there is also a beach just outside the front door that is not windy, so I was happy. Otherwise, it's a pretty nice joint.

Rather than stick just to the boardwalk, we decided to take our chances in real Atlantic City - the part where the homes look they might be condemned, and certainly somewhere you shouldn't be, but it was well worth it. On the advice of Greg, a very friendly and enthusiastic pizza delivery guy we met in the elevator, we were told to check out Tony Boloney's. We put on our big girl pants and walked to Oriental Avenue and Vermont. If you ever decide to go to Tony Boloney's, (which you will, because it's awesome) DO NOT be surprised by the neighborhood. There is a reason those streets are cheap properties on the Monopoly board. But let the rule of thumb to trust the places liked by the locals guide's worth it.

The menu is huge. Hoagies, pizza, and wraps. It also takes forever to read because it's hilarious. For example: The Pigface Killer pizza, a pulled pork barbecue concoction, or the Sweed hoagie, which ends the description with "Bork! Bork!" Unable to decide, my friend and I asked a rather talkative guy behind the counter what to get. His response? "The Tikka?? FUCK YES, get that one!!!" So, we did. As well as another, because you know, vacation pizza is healthy. We grabbed a bench outside and waited eagerly, and Greg the Delivery Guy showed up. He remembered us and was super excited that we came out and chatted for awhile, as well as the "FUCK YES" guy. Turns out, that guy is the owner, Mike. Mike made his rounds with the all the guests at the shop, but stayed to talk to us for quite awhile, which was incredibly nice of him. We laughed at his stories about opening the shop, one which included a rather helpful, but err...unorthodox cop standing up for the pizza shop. He even agreed to take a photo with us.

The beauty of the menu is that the pizza that is described is what you'd imagine, but a bit better, and certainly not lacking any creativity. We got the Tikka - tikka masala sauce, with paneer cheese and cilantro, and the Fennel Franny - sausage, house made (whuuut??? yuuup!!) regular and smoked mozzarellas, and fennel seeds. Both were phenomenal. Slightly overcooked, so you got some delicious browned cheese on the edges, and a slice that didn't require being folded in half. I'm looking at you NY slice. We also got the Cheese Steak Ole, which won a Food Network award. It was a standard, but not your average Philly steak, and I approved of it...although it was a little sacrilege to have lettuce and tomato on it. I'm just saying.

Sadly, I forgot to take photos right away, so all the food is partially eaten. No photo of the hoagie. It was too far gone. Sorry about that. Here is a picture of the boardwalk with some lights to make up for it.

Still doesn't make up for it? Fine. Here is a picture of me eating a giant hoagie from the White House.  It was huuuuge...and that monster is only a half! It was loaded up with meat and cheese, and kinda perfect. I don't have much to say about it because a good hoagie is kinda like the SCOTUS's definition of pornography - you know it when you see it.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Apparently, I really have a thing for green. Obviously, it is the color of this season, but this is verging on substance abuse.

I needed some kicks. This became abundantly clear a few weeks ago when I had a couple friends in town, one who had never been to New York and I had to walk around. A lot. I was thinking of designing myself some Nikes, and still might. They have a collaboration with Liberty, which I am a total sucker for, and Nike has some pretty awesome options, buuuuut I'm really indecisive and can't pull the trigger on that. So, what to do? Old standby. Nothing beats a pair of Converses. But even better? Pretty girly ones...not to mention generally, new ones. My current black ones are amazing, and also rank, so another pair really is needed. Not frivolous spending at all. So...boom. PURCHASED.

Recently, I went to the beach and realized I have no beach bag, or general bumming around bag. I wanted a decent size that was durable, but not manly or overly girly. Baggu is new to me, but a sort of New York staple. I drank the Kool-Aid and got one. I don't regret it. Even though I totally lemmed.  The bag is well made in a pretty heavy canvas. It goes cross body, or the little handles can be used.  It also has a snapping pocket and snaps at the top. Kinda safe.  -ish.

Finally, I got the Sephora collaboration pallet with Pantone. Pantone is weird. They kinda make up and name colors for industry standards. Each year, they choose of a color of the year. This year, it was emerald. Sephora partners with Pantone, seemingly regularly, so they have a fair few just straight up "this is a color" items. I actually really love this thing; a lot more than I thought I would. I'll review it later, but not today. Gotta pack for the weekend.

Happy Fourth to the Americans, and Happy Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh to everyone else!