Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Apparently, I really have a thing for green. Obviously, it is the color of this season, but this is verging on substance abuse.

I needed some kicks. This became abundantly clear a few weeks ago when I had a couple friends in town, one who had never been to New York and I had to walk around. A lot. I was thinking of designing myself some Nikes, and still might. They have a collaboration with Liberty, which I am a total sucker for, and Nike has some pretty awesome options, buuuuut I'm really indecisive and can't pull the trigger on that. So, what to do? Old standby. Nothing beats a pair of Converses. But even better? Pretty girly ones...not to mention generally, new ones. My current black ones are amazing, and also rank, so another pair really is needed. Not frivolous spending at all. So...boom. PURCHASED.

Recently, I went to the beach and realized I have no beach bag, or general bumming around bag. I wanted a decent size that was durable, but not manly or overly girly. Baggu is new to me, but a sort of New York staple. I drank the Kool-Aid and got one. I don't regret it. Even though I totally lemmed.  The bag is well made in a pretty heavy canvas. It goes cross body, or the little handles can be used.  It also has a snapping pocket and snaps at the top. Kinda safe.  -ish.

Finally, I got the Sephora collaboration pallet with Pantone. Pantone is weird. They kinda make up and name colors for industry standards. Each year, they choose of a color of the year. This year, it was emerald. Sephora partners with Pantone, seemingly regularly, so they have a fair few just straight up "this is a color" items. I actually really love this thing; a lot more than I thought I would. I'll review it later, but not today. Gotta pack for the weekend.

Happy Fourth to the Americans, and Happy Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh to everyone else!

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