Thursday, November 28, 2013

look at you fancy girls...

Immediately following SkiGirl's departure, another friend from Minnesota came to visit. Food Blogger really, really wanted to hit up Union Square Cafe having read my previous post. Like, second sentence out of her mouth! Who am I to deny her? So, her first night in town, after some incredibly strong drinks, we started eating - eating which would continue the entire weekend.

So, I love this place, and I really should have been back sooner, but no. I have not. I'm really bad at being a regular anywhere.

As always, we were treated with a crisp and soft bread selection to munch on/calm our angry ravenous semi-drunk tummies. Salt, and olives on the side, and then this wonderful other thing. It was green, oily, had pistachios and delicious.

Making short work of the mystery pistachio oil, we moved on to the starter. Food Blogger and I both have a serious weakness for pork belly. It is hands down one of the best foods ever, and a serious argument against ever being a vegetarian. Ours came with watermelon radishes, and pork rind. The pork belly and the radishes (a first for me, and surprisingly tasty) were fine by me, but I do NOT like pork rinds. Conceptually, being deep fried means they should be amazing, but no. This is not the case. Pig skin cannot be saved with frying. It's gross. It tastes like oily styrofoam. But I tried it. Maybe I would like expensive pork rind. I don't.

I got ricotta gnocchi as my mains, which I thought was going to be ricotta over gnocchi and red sauce. Boy was I wrong. The gnocchi was ricotta. Talk about rich. Don't get me wrong, this girl loves cheese and I am more than okay with eating nothing but cheese at a meal, I just wasn't expecting it. Imagine expecting gnocchi and getting the density of potato, but instead, it's cheese. Mind blown, right? So, so, so good.

Food Blogger got pasta, which I cannot remember what it was but, also yum. It was simple - noodles, olive oil, red pepper, garlic, and something green, per the photo. No clue. Sorry, but soooo good. This is one of those things I HAVE to remember that I can make at home.

After all our food, we turned down dessert and waddled back to Brooklyn.

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