Monday, July 22, 2013

Blade Running in Target

One of the things I miss most about living in Minnesota is the ubiquity of Target. That place was my love. Best t-shirts and really great designer exclusive designs. Well made, and not what you'd usually expect from Target. And it was all cheap! Moving to New York, there are two Targets - one in Harlem and one in Brooklyn. I have not been to the Harlem one, but I have, on many occasions, been to the Brooklyn one. That place is a mad house. Ripped up, no sizes, nothing. It's as if everyone is prepping for the zombie apocalypse. Hate that place.

Having re-watched Blade Runner, I was feeling a little like doing a take on Rachael's look. Black, structured, slightly 80s. This look is nothing special or hard to do, but there is just something about the architecture of the design. The black skirt. The loose tee. She just looks badass. What makes this is the skirt. It's incredibly structured, but not in an in your face look at me I'm doing fashion kind of way. Nor is it a super trend. It's a look that catches your eye without screaming for attention. It speaks for itself. Or in my mind, gives you the side eye in a bar and makes you remember it, but doesn't make you really feel bad about your current outfit. I think I have problems with animism.

I went digging in my closet, which really shouldn't happen because tiny apartments = no closet space, but somehow, I've made mine into my personal clothing TARDIS and there is no end to what you can find in there. So, I came up with this; my little nod to the dystopia that a New York Target is. (Although, I really could have done with pulling my shirt down.)

T-shirt - Target
Skirt - Kirna Zabete for Target (old, sorry)
Sunglasses - Chanel 5185

Thanks to Zal for taking photos of me!

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