Monday, December 2, 2013

keep on eating

Day Two with Food Blogger. The eating across the city continued. We started off our day early with a trip to the dreaded Century 21. I cannot stand this place - filled with tourists and crowded to breaking capacity. Thankfully, it was not overly crowded so we were able to browse in relative comfort. I went a little crazy with the socks. Like, super crazy. See Fig. 1.

Fig. 1

Post shopping, we met Food Blogger's Singapore mom. Food Blogger moved a lot growing up, and as a result has a wonderful network of people across the world. Singapore Mom was lovely. I had never met her, but she was filling me in on many a story of Blogger's past. It a brunch filled with good conversation and laughter - the perfect kind. I had a pork belly sandwich at Back Forty West. It was rustic and teeny. The menu was small, but still hard to choose from, but I'm pretty sure I chose the right thing.  The meat was tender and juicy. I was very full, but it was okay. I could cope. We walked it off and readied ourselves for our dinner.

More later. You'll understand why I couldn't move by the end of this visit.

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