Wednesday, March 19, 2014

yet another mascara...

That mini set I got is like the gift that keeps giving!!

The next one I tried was Clinique High Impact Mascara, which IRL goes for $16, which is a totally decent price point. I actually think they could sell it for more. This actually is not a new mascara to me. It was the very first mascara that wasn't drug store that I got my grubby little mitts on when I was in 8th grade. My mom and my aunt swear by Clinique. They both have sensitive skin, and Clinique is pretty tame. Nothing funky in it, and is good quality. But back to 8th grade - Mummy being lovely, had bought whatever Clinique necessities that she required and got a small gift one and gave it to me. This was not the birth of the makeup monster (that happened at age 4...seriously, I got into stuff and was highly unpopular for my blue eyeshadow efforts - 80s! - and the mess I created.) and fell in love. But this moment. This was the moment that spawned snobbery. Drugstore. Ick!

The wand is a standard mascara wand, we've seen them all before. There is no special way to hold it, it is not a Christmas tree on steroids, or an hourglass on a stick. It is normal. And thank god for that. I finally did not have to worry about early morning eye stabbings.

no eyeliner - crappy lighting (sorry!)

I actually quite like this mascara. It's buildable, and well pigmented. It separates well and volumizes. It is also ophthalmologist tested and approved for contact wearers, so a big thumbs up in that regard!

 with eyeliner

It's one negative is that after a long day, it does flake, but that really isn't that awful.

But why is this not my holy grail mascara? It is really nice, but for me it just doesn't do quite enough. That being said, this did take me back down memory lane, and I probably will consider buying it again for those days when I don't need to look like I'm wearing a full set of falsies, because honestly, I need to realize I'm not a drag queen. BUT THAT TIME IS NOT NOW!! In maybe five years, this will definitely be my go to holy grail love.

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