Thursday, March 13, 2014

I'm back!

I'm finally done with my real world obligations and had some time to recouperate. I'm a real person with time to spare! That means time to blog!

Despite my absence, I have still been buying and trying out make up. And this one, I did NOT like.

Last fall, raspberry was named as the color to wear on your face. And I have to say, I was, and still am fully for this shade. I originally wanted to get my hands on the Guerlain offering, but it sold out and I was left to choose from other brands. I opted for Bite Beauty's High Pigment Pencil in Quince. I admit I was apprehensive. This is a brand I knew nothing about. But I HAD to have my raspberry color so I threw down the $24 and went home to try my purchase.

Bite Beauty boasts a lot about the natural ingredients with antioxidant properties that make their lipsticks special. Every lip product contains resveratrol (which I guess is an antioxidant in wine??to soothe, moisturizer and provide some anti-ageing benefits...maybe?? To be honest, I think that the anti-ageing talk is hype, but the moisturizing quality is too notch. This stuff is much better than any treatment or Chapstick out there, but you have to be okay with rockin' a very defined mouth, as all of the colors are very, very pigmented.

god awful smeary mess with feathering

And that's where my praise for this mess ends. I have never worn a lip product that left me so self conscious. Why? Well all that moisture = slippery, and slippery = migration. I am no youngblood, but I'm definitely NOT part of the "mature ladies" category. But this lip pencil junk sure thought I was and it feathers. It feathers like it is it's job. Not a little. A LOT. Like, walked into the bathroom, saw myself, and cursed the fact that I work with predominetly men who either don't notice these things, or are too scared to say "hey you look like a crazy subway station lady." To make it even better, I have what one friend delicately described as "an expressive face." You know what that means in the world of smeary lipstick? A bright pink line halfway between my chin and bottom lip. Sexy.

I had lost my receipt, packaging, and my bag had pretty much destroyed the tube (it used to be rubberized matte and now it isn't and went through a lovely booger phase to get to what it is now.). So, returning was not an option. Thankfully, I had some Back to Mac stuff, and in that little excursion, I bought a lip primer, which, with a liner mostly keeps this stuff in place, but only enough to keep me fr throwing a fit and throwing it away. 

Thankfully, it's almost gone, and I WILL NOT be repurchasing. I'll try to get the Guerlain one like I originally wanted. But the color is nice. And I wore it a lot to combat chapped lips from my overly intense radiator (seriously, it's like living in Dante's Inferno, but Brooklyn.). 

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