Sunday, March 30, 2014

ramen, please!

New York has so many restaurants, you never have to repeat, which means I almost never choose to repeat. However, there are a few places that I will absolutely choose to repeat on the regular. One of these places is Ganso

Ganso is a nice little ramen shop in an iffy part of downtown Brooklyn, offering a selection of Japanese fare, with ramen as the star.  Real ramen is not the mess you get for $1 as a college student. Proper ramen has vegetables, soft boiled egg, meat, and broth that has been labored over for hours. The end result is mind blowing. I went with my friend the Floridian. His car had just been officially declared stolen by the NYPD, so we decided to celebrate. 

One of the stupid, but fun things that I like there is that they have these sodas that rather than having caps, have marbles in them that are held sealed by the pressure from the carbonation. You have to use a little peg thing and whack it with your hand to open it. Then you get the nicest, light fruity soda!

We started with wings, which have the same crispiness as the wings that Americans know and love, but the sauce is very different. It is both sweet, salty and spicy, and VERY sticky.  Nothing to do with Buffalo. 

Floridan got the house ramen, with a soy sauce brother, pork belly, soft boiled egg, nori, and veggies. This is probably my favorite ramen at Ganso, and therefore the one I order most, but I opted to go for another this time...

I chose the Spicy Miso ramen, which consists of miso broth, pork belly, soft boiled egg, charred cabbage and other veggies. My ramen, because it was miso had a cloudy broth, but not offensively spicy. I really liked this, but it definitely would not be replacing the Ganso as my favorite. Just a good option for when you want a little bit of a change. 

Because we were celebrating, we got gelato, each choosing a flavor. The Floridian opted to stay with the Asian theme and got black sesame, and I went for one of my favorites, salted caramel. And oh man - I won. The black sesame was good, but next to salted caramel, nope. 

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