Wednesday, October 16, 2013

officially obsessed with my nails

There have been too many nail posts in a row. I'm really sorry. But, really I'm not, because if I were I'd stop buying it and giving myself more of it to write about.

For this experiment, I used a really old nail polish I bought in London - it's some kind of L'Oreal black with blue metallic stuff in it, and I have a lot of it left, so I think it's going to be my testing standard. You can't buy it anymore. I think. Don't know. I don't live in London.

A long while back I bought the Nails, Inc. Matte top coat - the color is Westminster Bridge. I finally used it. And? I hate it. It's matte-ish. Your nails are still mostly shiny, which is not what I wanted at all.  It makes it look like your nails are smeared with lotion and need to be cleaned off. But no. It's just what it looks like. AND it takes forever to dry, which means getting to pee is out of the question and we all know how I feel about that.  I have smudged nails after HOURS. I'm returning it, pronto.

Look at the not matte-ness. How annoying is that?? I will say, this top coat feels interesting. My nails feel think, like I have acrylics or gel polish on, but feeling cool isn't enough to diminish my disappointment. You suck top coat. 

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