Monday, October 7, 2013

Black Nails and Green Eggs

A while back, I decided to purchase Nails, Inc. Leather Effect nail polish in Noho. This stuff goes for $11 a pop, and promises what it name says - a leather effect. It goes on smooth, then hey presto, it goes all bumpy. Two coats, no topcoat, because it's matte and the matte-ness gets ruined with topcoat. Or I guess it would be like really shiny leather?

Anyhow, the reviews of this stuff on Sephora were mixed. People either loved it or they hated it, with more leaning towards the hate side. I have to seriously disagree with the detractors. Their complaints largely were regarding texture and chipping.

Don't get something that is textured, then bitch about how it looks smudged. It's textured, and therefore by definition will NOT look like a smooth perfect manicure. Have you ever really looked at leather? It looks like smudged wrinkles that have been pressed skin. Because that's what leather is. I can see how people would think it's "weird," but again, that's the point. This shit is supposed to be fashion, and not your grandma's cuppa tea. I also found that you could up the shine factor and lessen the harshness of the texture by doing three thick coats. I personally did two thicker layers, which remained quite matte and like a finer grain leather, and bad ass all around.

People complained a lot about the longevity of this stuff. I have no idea what they were doing with their hands, because I had no such problems. I used a base, two (thick) layers, and that was it. I washed my hair, I cleaned our entire kitchen and all the windows, did laundry, unpacked, did dishes on the daily without gloves, and it lasted 5 days. I will say this is less than normal polish, which I'd say normally is about a week, but 5 without a topcoat is pretty good in my book.

Overall, I like this stuff quite a bit. I'd recommend it.

And now for the food surprise...

I have a penchant for Cadbury's Creme Eggs. Yeah, I know they're basically little tiny bombs of diabetes, but I still like them and since I can only get them at Easter, it's okay. Well, now they're doing Halloween ones, and I was gifted one by my friend and coworker, Boxer. I did not realize that they were colored differently. I do not do well with foods that are the wrong color. Some people may remember that colored ketchup crap that came out in the early 00s. I couldn't bring myself to eat it. Anyway, I ate my egg gift. It was green inside. I was not happy. But then I ate the rest of it it anyway. Can't be rude.


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