Friday, August 16, 2013

I'm Alive!!!

Hey. So. That hiatus was a little longer than I thought. I had to take an exam, and then had to find an apartment. Apartment hunting in New York is not fun. You go to a ton of places, and you'd have to like at least one, right? No. Apparently, it is perfectly reasonable to expect someone to live in a place with only enough room for a twin bed. Hells. No. I am far too old for that mess. And another with dead roaches. Nope. No. No. No. One realtor was visibly annoyed with us for how we reacted to there being mold EVERYWHERE.  She was all "Well this is what apartments are like in New York, you can't be so picky." Yeah, sorry lady. I don't think it's being overly picky when you're showing me property that is in violation of health codes. I hope nobody moved there.

Long story short, we found a place, and I'm moving soon. Once I get settled, I'll have a new neighborhood to explore, and I'm hoping that my blogging will have a bit more food/experiences as content.

Today, I'm off to a wedding in Connecticut, but don't worry. In my absence I was able to do a few fun things, which I shall write about very soon. In the mean time, know that Sephora is having a sale on a lot of their nail polish stickers. A lot of them are only $6, so obviously, I bought a few. It's economical, I swear. I also got some nail polish which I am very excited about. Reviews soon! But first I'll make good on reviewing that Sephora + Pantone pallet I got.

Mini review...I tried Sephora's brand of nail stickers for the first time, and they are actually different from the Sally Hansen ones I tried before. I cannot speak for their longevity. I'll tell you next week. However, these stickers were different. They were wetter. I know, weird, but yes. They were a teeny bit harder to place, because I wasn't used to them, but they were also easier to peel off and try again then the others. In the end, I got there. The pattern I got was good in theory. Champagne background with a lace and flowers patter in black on top. Too bad, I have short nails and all the flowers were filed off as a result. They look okay, but I'm not in love. Zal says they look like computer chips.

Awkward photo! Don't worry, I still have both thumbs. Also, I started doing double authentication on all my accounts and devices. That shit is annoying to set up!!

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